Listen to our new album
Edge of the Night.

1. Edge of the Night

2. On the Attack

3. Three Dead Quick

4. Free

5. Precious Stone

6. Something Builds

7. River of Wrath

8. One Last Ride




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The Chicago based rock group, Man Called Noon, has just completed its second
full length album, Edge of The Night. A collection of heavy rock with pop hooks,
and soul filled melodies, the album tells the story of loss and hopelessness that
twists its way through your conscious and leaves you a little unsure of the world
around you. A heavier, more polished sound then previous efforts by MCN, the
new sound pushes the band to new heights. The songs talk of the good, of the
bad, and of everything in between. Lyrically complex, powered by inhibition, and tactfully driven to the edge, MCN's new album has the capacity to move those
who choose to listen.

You can purchase our new Album in person at any of our shows. Just visit
our merch table and pick one up! You can also buy and download our new
album and our previous album, Broke and Beaten Down, from iTunes
or CDbaby.

Broke and Beaten Down

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Edge of the Night

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